Peace Charter

About Us

PEACE CHARTER is a global humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.  We are funded by a variety of individuals, private foundations, corporations, international agencies and governments.  Peace Charter has a competent Board as the main policy-making organ of the Organization that consists of the honorary posts of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and the Chief Executive Officer as a member of the Board ex-officio.  We are headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Senior members are come from Middle East and based in Dubai / UAE.


Peace Charter specific objectives include:

a)      To solicit, manage and deliver humanitarian emergency relief assistance to the people who need it the most.

b)      To consult, cooperate and coordinate with all public, private, civic organizations and humanitarian agencies seeking to improve and enhance the standards of living of the society particularly children and vulnerable population.

c)      To mobilize finances, materials, moral and technical support for specific projects aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged members of society to promote their human dignity and make them self reliant.

d)     To establish training institutions, schools, tertiary institutes and to cooperate with various stakeholders in the education sector to provide education opportunities to the disadvantaged and gifted children who may need support.

e)      To actively participate in the health sector by lobbying and assisting in the establishment of hospitals, provide and make available counselors, nurses, doctors, social workers, health educators and other experts either Kenyans or foreigners for the proper running of the health institutions and  attainment of this objective.

f)       To drill boreholes, install water pumps, provide clean drinking water, assist in establishment of irrigation schemes and help small scale farmers especially in the arid and semiarid areas to become food producers in order to eliminate famine

g)      To conserve the environment through children by developing curriculum, resource materials and training them on the importance, means and ways of conserving the environment.

h)     To become actively involved in conserving the environment by encouraging the planting of trees by children, organizing environmental days etc.

i)        To provide policy advise to the government and other organization on matters relating to children’s education, wellbeing, health and other matters

j)        To hold seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings in order to disseminate share information, with communities, NGO’s and the government at large on issues relating to education, food production, economic activities, peace and promotion of justice.

k)      To purchase take or leave or by any means acquire any movable or immovable property in Kenya or elsewhere or any estate or interest whatsoever, and rights, privileges or easements over in respect of any property and any building, machinery, engines, plant, live and dead stock or things whatsoever all for the promotion of the societies objects

l)        To enter into agreement (s) with any authorized government agencies and other agencies both locally and internationally all aimed at the attainment of the organizations objective.

m)      To apply to International bodies, government authorities, corporations, National or Local bodies, public organizations, companies or persons for and to accept grants of money, land donations, material gifts, subscription and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the organization.

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